I only have one requirement.. Show me a 'first rate laugh.'

If you do, no matter what you want to know, I'll tell you...!!

20 March
Yo, this is just for roleplay, I don't own/think I am Undertaker

Currently being played at adstringendum.
alois trancy who?, anatomy, autopsy, being creepy, blood draining, bones, books, bowling, bowling with skulls, ceiling!undertaker, ciel phantomhive, claude faustus isn't funny, coffins, collecting organs, cookies, corpses, creeping out people, dead bodies, funeral homes, funny stories, gashes, good jokes, gore, grell sutcliff, guests, hiding inside coffins, jokes, just a sweet transves-wait, laughter, not the queen, not the queen's money, organs, organs in jars, ronald knox, sebastian michealis, shinigami, skulls, sleeping in coffins, slices, surgical tools, tea in beakers, tildes, urns, vincent phantomhive, what's this again?, william t. spears, you want a coffin?