I only have one requirement.. Show me a 'first rate laugh.'

If you do, no matter what you want to know, I'll tell you...!!

31 coffins [Video]
Bowing out
They never listen closely. [Undertaker hummed, the roaring of flames easily heard, PCD held in hand to show an above view of burning buildings- along with his boots perched on something long, smooth, and metal above those flames.

He was still outside, and it couldn't be clear if he'd been out there from the begining or not. Buildings burned down, along with anything inside. What could melt was melting, fire lickin against the tall building where he was.]

Don't take the time to look close enough. To pay attention. Hints.

It's a lovely sight.

I wonder, is it still day or night? The fire provides so much light as it rains. Possibly a little spoileryCollapse )

Before the device could see what became of it's owner, still falling towards the flames, it times out.]

30 coffins [Video]
How Interesting
My, still so many new arrivals.

[It's almost purred, the PCD being sat down on a table, long nails tapping beside it in a slow drumming.]

I've a bit of extra dried meat that can go to anyone who needs it- along with more knitting, given the time I've had for a few more scarves and mittens, and a few hats. No need for trade if you've nothing, kist think of it as an early gift.

[He's ignoring a bit of barking that's starting, humming as that's silenced soon enough.]

Oh yes, Mister Butler~ I need a word with you once you've a bit of free time.

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29 coffins [Video]
Sebby: Almost got me there
[There's a very loud creaky-squeaky sound as soon as the video starts, along with a giggle that just doesn't sound right coming from the man who it appears to be. Someone had been keeping him inside since the little "incident" happend, but the demon wasn't so good at trying when it came to the reaper's sight.

Well, more like what sight he was lacking.]

My, my. Such gloomy faces some of you have had this week.

[More of that creaky-squeak, rocking back and forth as he hummed.]

It's growing so cold, and I've a few things- scarves and mittens mostly- I'm willing to give or trade away. [Setting the PCD down finally.

If any could make the image out, that is Sebastian Michaelisatleast his body rocking back and fourth on a bouncey rusty and yellow duck in an old playground. Undertaker smiled, as he had been enjoying this little swap, and the same likely couldn't be said for the butler back home.]
I've not been able to do more than that as of yet.

[Stopping the rocking as a foot was placed on the ground, scooping the PCD up off the ground, dusting away a few flakes of rust]

Perhaps a lucky few can talk a hot meal out of me. [Yep, that amused giggly laughs doesn't fit quite right in this voice, but oh well.


28 coffins [Video]
Hilarious shit man
[His hand knockes the PCD over, fingers curling around the device as it turns on. What startled him was falling asleep so suddenly. Normally he works through the nights on little tasks he'd set for himself- sleep wasn't something he had to do often, after all.

Sitting up he peers around, fixing that hat on his head. Slowly a smile cracks at his lips and begins to grow. Soon enough it's a teeth baring grin, a low sort of giggling chuckle rising from his throat.

Another moment it becomes barking laughter, evolving into something only a mad man could produce, falling down and below the table.

Only that laughter can be heard, showing no sign of letting up as the feed ends.]

27 coffins [Video]
Say Wha?
[The PCD had been sat down on a counter, the only lightsource being what streamed in through broken and badly boarded up windows. It was in a store of some sorts, shelves broken and fallen over with dusted and dirty merchindise on either on still intact shelves or table tops.

Amongst some of those tables as a figure some could possibly recognise as the Undertaker's- whether he left the PCD on on purpose or not really wasn't clear at all, infact the only clear thing to be seen was the man snooping about a few electronics. They weren't as dirty as some of the otherthings piled about and broken.

An item was picked up from amongst it's bretheren and given a little shake, his head tilting as he the odd thing was being turned around and flipped over in his hands. During all of his fidgeting with it the victorian mortician managed to turn it on, some life left in that old CD player yet, and it startled him.

He hadn't been expecting any sort of music to come out of it, the poor thing dropped instantly as it had been left on the highest volume, echoing throughout the little shop.

Well then.]

(OOC: Because the link isn't working, it's this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39YUXIKrOFk)

26 coffins [Video]
The Job Of A Gravedigger
[Cackling. Giggling. Loud and seemingly joyful laughter. It really does sound like someone is.. Happy?

Or unhinged, but that makes little difference when it comes to Undertaker.

He's out in the fog, a merry little skip to his step as he moves about the tombstones and monuments, fingertips brushing along every bit of stone he comes across. Leaning close each time he does as if to memorize each smooth surface, each imperfection and curve, of the stone.

The last name of Phantomhive is clear on a couple of them. Vincent and his loving wife.

All of the dates range from the 1800's, and even further back, all of them names he would know, that he's met and reap'd personally. It's rather nostalgic really. So many lives he had watched, along with their deaths just after it had happend- and even after the ones he had handled to prepare them for their funerals.

So, so, many of them.]

What a lovely scene to have for a little stroll. Hee hee hee~

[With a twirl he scooped the PCD up from where he'd rested it on a tombstone, peering into it with a wide grin-

then lowers it to show the name of a certain little Earl who was no longer around.

Ciel Phantomhive


25 coffins [Video]
Just Chillin'
Haa haa~ What a week.

[The man is leaned on the handle of his shovel, smiling down into the camera of the device, standing on what appears to be a freshly filled in grave-- complete with headstone just barely blocked out of view behind him. What can be seen is the smooth stone, along with a protruding skeletal arm curved down along with front with boney fingers spread in offering, and something held within in. Something roundish and amost looks like candy.]

Still a few days to go, hm?

[That smile never changes, even as he stands to give the full view of the headstone-- there's a protruding skull to match just near the top, along with a second arm with a tea cup held instead of a few matching candies. Just below the skull, as if about to be embraced was a name engraved in elegant script.

Xerxes Break.

Undertaker propped the shovel over his shoulder, scooping up the PCD with a faint chuckle.]

Such a pity that some have to miss out. [Click.]

24 coffins [Video]
lolol u mad
[The image bounces a bit before being sat down on a fence somewhere, Undertaker leaning infront of it with a slight squinting of eyes. For once there wasn't hair hiding the upper half of his face, giving a clear view of that scar that ran across his face and over the opposite eye-- not to mention his eyes were such an odd yellowish-green color.

He couldn't remember why he wore his hair in such a way in the first place, and it was much easier to see without it infront of his eyes really.

Finally his own curiousity had gotten the better of him, for an odd reason.]

Would anyone know why I had these- [gesturing back to the long wooden grave markers he'd propped against the side of a building] inside of my coat?

[Because how the heck did anyone walk around with long, sharp ended, flat wooden poles like that? At first he just went with it, since he didn't much require sleep and had been awake when the week started. Now? It was a curiousity to him.]

23 coffins [Video]
Cheery smiles now!
[Undertaker is outside somewhere, smiling as he holds the PCD at arms length, just high enough to see what's behind him-- three flying pigs that are no longer able to fly away, wings clipped just so, just inside one of those holes he tends to dig so very early in the morning.]

Would anyone care to have something as close to a pig that this place can offer? It wouldn't be too hard to keep for later on when food supplies are scarce. [Wiiiiinter times.] I'm sure some of you miss that lovely taste of fresh pork~

[He's smiling widely as the device is brought down, giving the screen a little tap.]

In return I'd only ask for a few small supplies for myself, and that you come fetch it.

[The house certainly doesn't need anything, considering the two he lives with.]

Any ta~kers?

22 coffins [video] DAYTIME NOT NEARLY 4AM
Oh dear
[A long black nail taps idily against the screen.




For those of you that knew her-- and aren't busy with plans of storming the cas~tle-- [Undertaker peers down at the little device for a moment, scratching at a little dried blood there.] Miss Elizabeth Middleford is no longer with us.

[Normally he wouldn't be the one to announce such a thing, or bother-- but seeing how a certain butler isn't much for noticing these things due to recent events, well, he's the one at home more often than not.

Once the dried blood is picked off the feed ends with a little wave.]

21 coffins [Video]
Well well well
This is a cut for gore. If you do not feel comfortable with it please do not click this ♥Collapse )

20 coffins [Video] My counting sucks, btw
Vague Interest
[Fingers drum on screen on a wooden table, long black nails tapping. It had been quiet with the departure of a certain little earl. That butler quiet, since he had finally given in to sleep. The man must've been out of his mind, since Sebastian had asked Undertaker to take over watching over the place should such a thing happen while powers were still missing.

It is almost as if the man doesn't know the device is on, even as fingers finally curl over the screen. Soon he turns it, fingertips lightly brushing along the side.]

It seems I've enough leftover soup-- [He turns it so everyone can have a nice eyefull of what exactly he was speaking of] --to share with those outside of the little Phantomhive home, if anyone would care for some.

[Glancing down at the little device in hand as it gives a little glimpse of what is hidden under those long bangs, that usual smile not in place for a moment. It soon curves into place, causing skin to tug against that scar.]

Should any like a warm meal, you're very welcome to drop by~

Wouldn't you think?
[Undertaker taps a nail against the screen, chin propped against his knuckles.]

It's a sad place where almost all laughter has dissapeared. I wonder how many of you could smile in a way that's not forced or provoked after much coaxing by now. Everything so dire for you lot, hm?

[Leaning back in his chair, leaving the PCD propped on the table.]

How about a little game? I'll even offer a prize to the winner~

Whoever can make me laugh, give me a first-rate laugh like I've not had in a while, wins.

Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

18 coffins [Video]
Devil's smile
[There's cackling suddenly. Very loud, and lots of it.

The source?

Your friendly neighborhood Undertaker, of course! It's hard to tell where he is, candlight flickering somewhere nearby, and the grain of a wooden table all to be seen. The PCD had been knocked over.

After a while the laughter subsides into slightly breathless giggles, and the device is picked up. Wide, wide grin.]

I do hope those of you who have waded in these flood waters have taken care. There are all sorts of nasty things in it, wouldn't you think? [Giggle.] You just might catch your death!

It isn't simply the cold chills you should worry about, Adstringendum.


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17 coffins [Video]
Vague Interest
[Really, all that can be seen is a young tuxedo cat sitting on the floor, looking upwards at something expectantly. Eyes moving to follow it side to side, head tilting back when it's moved higher-

Charlie stands on hind paws, batting at something excitedly as he purrs and mewls, trying to get something that looks a bit feathery.

Soon it's taken to the floor, sending the young energetic creature running back and forth, and even in circles.]

I could do with a good cup of tea. What about you?

[Watch the not quite a kitten anymore playing with the feather.. wand.. thing.]

16 coffins [Voice]
Munch Munch Munch
[Really, all that could be heard at first was the purring of a cat, the slight pulling of fabric as the content creature is most likely kneeding the post it rests.

It's a tad unusual for the man to use only audio, but perhaps he has his reasons.]

Little things do create the largest of impacts over time. [Crunch, snap, purring.]

Anyone care for something sweet during this troubled and hectic time? I seem to have baked more than I can eat alone.

15 coffins [Video]
[There's humming from somewhere, even if all that can be seen is soil.

Flying soil at that, and it's coming from what could be a hole in the ground, and just outside of it is a latern, glass cracked and clouded, a flickering flame providing light. It's a somewhat cloudy morning after all, and he'd started his digging well before the sun would have risen.

That humming slowly turns into singing, low and probably ment just to entertain the man in the.. Well it looks to be in the shape of a grave, doesn't it? Gotten rather deep as well.]

They burgeon in the spring;
And, when the west wind melts the snow,
The redstarts build and sing.
But Death's at work in rind and root,
And loves the green buds best;
And when the pairing's music's mute,
He spares the empty nest-

[Hello, PCD. Meet a pile of soil just tossed over you, muffling enough that words can no longer be discerned.]

What # was I on with coffins? [Video]
[The PCD was already on before it hit the ground with a clatter, catching the sound of something landing on the floor beside it with a thud.

Such a mess, knitting supplies strewn about with yarn in tangles. There's also papers strewn about, the scribbling notes written upon them unreadable from how they lay, odd scratches of drawings on some others. Just off screen there's a skull spinning on it's cap, settling against the bottom of a shelf.]

Well.. this is.. trouble..some. [A slow and lazy drawl close by, perhaps familiar slender fingers with.. longer than usual black nails slowly moves to grab the device and draw it to himself.

There's Undertaker, laying flopped on the floor with his long hair much shaggier than normally kept and.. with a hint of green to it. Patches of blackend skin coming down at an angle from where unseen eyes are. Ladies and gentlemen, the man is a sloth, or has become sloth-like. Content to just lay on the floor as he is.Shush, this is my excuse as to why he's been so quiet this week.]

13 coffins [Accidental? Video]
Share with me your secrets sweetly
-know William, you may be right.

[The man had been quiet for the past few weeks, or at least publicly quiet. There's really no telling what he may have been doing in the privacy he'd managed to keep up. Now? Now he was sitting at a table, candlelight flickering and casting odd shadows on the wall behind him.

Fingers were curled under his chin, long black nails tapping upon the table. He looked to be staring at something with interest. There were a few small bones scattered about the table top, along with bits of thin wire, some other tools.]

It would be a pity to not keep such a little oddity in my room. You could use the company, couldn't you? [Reaching over, past the PCD, Undertaker retrieved what he'd been speaking to. A human skull. Long fingers stroked over the top almost tenderly, smiling to himself.]

Of course I'd have to keep it out of Charlie's reach, he's not let learned to climb the shelves. Dear curious fellow that he's become.

[Have a smile, Adstringendum, as he sets "William" back down and picks up the PCD, turning it to show the mounted skeleton of a Yodare.

The strange thing? It's two headed.]

Love~ly, isn't it?

12 coffins [Video]
Skull Bounce
[Have a nice screen full of human skull, Adstring, before possibly familiar slender fingers slip into the eye holes, lifting it away with a hum.]

Your rat paw is ready, Hitsugaya, if you still want it. How dredful it took longer than I expected to piece and fasten together. I do appologise for the delay.

[Undertaker sounds as amused as usual, that odd little giggly purr hanging in his undertone. Even as he rolls the skull between his hands, busy sorting things about a candle-lit room. It's still hard to tell if he's in his room at the Phantomhive "Estate" or the work-in-progress workshop of his.

Decorating skills for both are the same, really.]

Should anyone come upon a rather large rat skeleton do contact me. I seem to have misplaced it somewhere.

Oh, and bro~ther dear- [Yes, Sebastian. He means you, as there's no way he's letting that be forgotten easily.] -you owe me a cake. Not just a slice either, an entire cake. No skimp~ing♥

11 coffins [Video]
I will eat your heart
Brother, I do believe I've left some~thing of mine at your house yet again, how pos~i~tive~ly silly of me. Do not fret, however, as it shall be retrieved by myself. [As usual. As if he does it just to invite himself over as much as possible.] So there's no need for you to try and locate it.

[Filtered to Fox's side of the family/The In-LawsPretend this isn't a little late]
Ah yes, before I forget!

Dear Fox and myself are going to be throwing a party for the family. I do hope all of you come. It would be terrible if any of you missed it and let all of this hard work go to waste, don't you think?

It's been so long.
[/End Filter]

I do wonder if the Animus are simply provoking, or perhaps they've gone a little deeper compared to recent events.

10 coffins [Accidental Video] (THE FOURTH ENTRY IS A LIE)
Knowing Smile
[The PCD flickers on to show the face of a playful little Charlie, the kitten having turned it on while batting at the device while "papa" played in his work space. So for the moment there's just a cute face and pink padded paws on screen.]
This is just because.. goreyness. You've been warned?Collapse )

9 coffins [Video]
Oh dear
[For once the creep isn't saying a word, simply smiling at the PCD. It's hard to tell where he is exactly, since all that can be seen behind him is snow. A lot of snow.

Also? The man seems to be wearing a scarf for every team in a way where ALL the colors are visable.

No, not talking still, but he's laughing. Some of you may know that strange laughter by now, that giggling cackle. He's not up to anything good.

That is when he turns the feed off after giving a little wave.]

(OOC: He has been knitting.. a lot... Game on? /flees)

8 coffins [Video]
Cheery smiles now!
[Despite the PCD suddenly falling the the floor it wasn't turned on by accident.] Now that wasn't very nice of you. [Undertaker sounds more amused than scholding, a darling little cat in view as he picks it back up, tapping it on it's cute little nose.]

Let's try not to make a habit of that in your curiousity, shall we? Wouldn't want you knocking over anything more.. fragile.

[There appears to be more jars on that shelf behind the creep, yet there's something different about the contents of them. Human organs do differ in size when compared to those of a rabbit, or rat, don't they?]

It appears the Animus are being kind for the holiday, doesn't it? Or perhaps cruel in a kind way~


7 coffins [Video]
Hilarious shit man
[The device wasn't turned on by accident, but sadly the owner of this particular PCD isn't in view. Only the man's room, or at least a shelf with a few books here and there, a folded scarf with a matching pair of mittens ontop of it, and an jar filled with liquid and eyeballs.

Did we mention the laughter? There is a lot of it, very loud laughter that comes from the very soul.]

Oh-oh my! I- [The man can't manage to gather himself up long enough to speak more than a few words, but luckily the PCD has been knocked off the table and onto the floor, giving a wonderful view of Undertaker.

Literally rolling on the floor as he laughs hard enough he looks as if he's been crying instead of in such a joyous state.]

S-such reah-ha hee hee-ctions..

[.. The man has a strange sense of humor, if nobody noticed that already.

Still laughing, he reaches over and fumbles with a few buttons, trying to breath between cackles and giggles, before turning off the video, the audio turning off not too long after.]

6 coffins [ Accidental Video]
Blood Red Colorful
[Do not mind that the man is currently wearing a very long scarf wrapped around his neck. He's been having fun with his knitting, and it does very well for his little stroll in the snow.

Not that he's gone very far from home this time.

Why he's out there in the first place? Hard to tell. Very hard to tell. It looks as if the PCD is swinging with each step, at times being blocked out by that rather long and colorful scarf of his.]

I wonder if I'll have enough yarn..

[He has projects.]

5 coffins [Video]
Oh my.

[Sorry folks, it seems the screen is completely black for a while, the sound of fabric shifting there, along with something snapping and crunching.]

I thought I'd misplaced this, who would have thought I'd left it in a pocket that didn't belong to me! [Oh, that same creepily amused purr of a tone.] Ah, at least I still had some entertainment at home~


.. And Undertaker sitting inside of a wardrobe, which he just opened the door of, practically giggling at himself. There's an urn rested upon his lap, the lid ajar, filled with biscuits. Bone shaped biscuits, which he is munching away on happily.

Don't mind the colorful, and long, scarf wrapped around his neck. There wasn't much to use of one color, so he combined a few.]

Interesting lit~tle event, this one.

(OOC: I have no idea if he's affected or not, seriously. /flop)

3 coffins [Video]
Yeah; no
[The PCD flickers on suddenly, fresh blood speckled over the screen possibly the first thing someone would notice, or perhaps the matter of more dripping down from somewhere onto it.

A candle flame flickers nearby as a dark form moves into view, and finally focus.

There's a shovel propped over Undertaker's shoulder, the spade of it covered in blood and other grime. The dripping blood is coming from the table partially seen on screen, along with a still twitching paw.]

.. My, this almost brings back memories.. [He was talking to himself, just above a whisper.

Somewhere behind him the flame light catches various jars lined on a somewhat dilapidated shelf. The liquid is opaque, but the outlines within look like organs. But from what?

Dropping the shovel, he glances down at the PCD and picks it up from where he'd likely dropped it. A dirty cloth is used to wipe off the blood, the screen clear long enough to show that there's something other than what the earlier seen paw belonged to. A rat was even sliced open, organs pulled out from him taking a look through it, trying to figure out why some creatures had suddenly become so prone to attack.

Along with a few that had obviously been beaten with his shovel.

Soon the PCD is fiddled with, not realising it was turned on by itself, beliving it's only on voice.]

Ah, Miss Rhode~ When you have the time, I've finished your coffin, if you'd like to look it over.

It's gotten quite busy around here lately, hasn't it? I do hope no more become so suddenly ill from these odd little attacks. Wouldn't make a pleasent hello for newer arrivals either~

(OOC: omg I hope this is alright x_X I just.. couldn't resist..)

2 Coffins [Video]
Sitting, Cookie Jar
[The PCD flickers on, set on a flat surface, as Undertaker lightly taps the screen with one long black nail.




Paying attention yet?

He's been up to something already in his short time of being in Adstrig. That smile of his clearly tells something of amusement, but still make one wonder if they would even want to know what makes the sort of man he appears to be smile in such a way.]

Would anyone be so kind and tell me where I may acquire some lace?

[.. What?]

1 Coffin [Video]
Do You Think So?
[There is the flickering of an image, before a clear view of a man with long silver hair can be seen, and he is actually fiddling with the little device curiously. This is certainly something he has never seen before.]

My my, what a curious thing. I wonder what it is. What an odd place this is. Not a familiar sight in view ..

[More than likely, he had accidentally pressed the button necessary to start recording his image, and has failed to notice. Undertaker is not a man used to electronics of any type.

More so, what would be most noticeable of him, from how the PCD is being held, would be that scar across the right side of his face that vanishes into the hair, hiding his eyes from view. His words have that English accent about them when he speaks.]

How disappointing that I've been taken away from my shop in the middle of preparing a guest. Such a state she was still in. So much work left to be done with her, barely even begun- Oh, such a beauty she was! Crimson staining skin almost as pale as snow, and that long slit running along her from hip to breast..

[Someone may want to interrupt him, he does get a little carried away at times when it comes to a particularly interesting corpse.]


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